The Trend For Gas Masks Just Got Trendy

As the Corona Virus Covid 19 starts to infect the world’s population, many people have been going mad buying whatever they can in preparation for the looming disaster that’s being predicted. Toilet rolls are hard to obtain now, as is hand sanitiser, and dried foods like pasta. Stock piling is all the rage. The first thing that people were mad for though were masks. You know, those cloth masks that make you look like a surgeon. They were the first item to be completely sold out. It seems that they aren’t as effective as people would like to think, but maybe they weren’t wearing the right sort of masks. Maybe they should be wearing the masks that Gary Lockwood makes, like the one you can see here.mask made from trainers

Yes, he dissects pairs of trainers and recombines them into these crazy masks. I think he must like the smell of them. Before they are worn of course. Or maybe not.

In this enlightening film, the most surprising fact that came out of it for me was that someone bought a pair of trainers for $35,000. Yes, you read that right. 35 thousand dollars. I wonder if the person that owns that stupidly expensive mask will catch the virus? Not if they always wear it! Enjoy the film.