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Forking Fantastic Film

Fork Sculpture

I can’t believe I’ve not posted anything since March. Crazy times eh? Well I’ve been busy writing music, learning to cook new dishes, reading piles of books, binge watching all manner of odd TV series and walking through the new normal that is London. It’s been interesting trying to adapt to this new way of […]

The Trend For Gas Masks Just Got Trendy

mask made from trainers

As the Corona Virus Covid 19 starts to infect the world’s population, many people have been going mad buying whatever they can in preparation for the looming disaster that’s being predicted. Toilet rolls are hard to obtain now, as is hand sanitiser, and dried foods like pasta. Stock piling is all the rage. The first […]

Robert Gonsalves

painting by Gonslaves

Robert Gonsalves is a contemporary, Canadian, Magic Realism painter with an imagination equal to his talent. I haven’t been able to find the titles of these, so maybe you could come up with your own titles and post them below. You’ll find plenty more pictures by him on the net which I hope you’ll track […]

This Is Massive!

Ever wondered how big our Galaxy is? Or how massive it is? Well astronomers at the Garching¬†European Southern Observatory headquarters in Germany have got their scales out and come up with an answer. And no, it’s not 42. Their answer is 1.5 trillion times the mass of our sun and that includes absolutely everything, stars, […]

Lost World

I just watched this video : Lost World from Go Project Films on Vimeo. and my heart went out to Vy Phalla, the Cambodian woman who is trying to come to terms with the loss of the place she sees as home. We read about the history of various indigenous people having their land taken […]

RIP Pete Shelley

I recently invented the term Disturbient as being the opposite of Ambient. This is a tribute to Pete Shelley who died earlier. And yes, I did once fall in love with someone I shouldn’t have!

A Museum Fit For Halloween

Mummies in the Catacombs

Well, it could be the Museum Of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall, which has all manner of artefacts from the occult in its exhibition. It’s remit even includes Freemasonry and Wiccan spookiness. A more apt choice would be the Catacombe Dei Cappuccini in Palermo, Sicily. This has the world’s largest collection of mummified bodies […]


It has been said of the tune Africa by Toto that it is a guilty pleasure. I can understand why as it is a tad pretentious played by¬†a muso’s type of band. So when DJ Michael Savage decided to play the record repetitively for 5 hours without stopping, you could say it will become more […]